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Pros and Cons of Using Social Bookmarking for SEO

About social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a relatively new concept that is used for SEO and it is one that is gaining popularity as the years go by. There is a lot of emphasis on social networking nowadays and that has spilled over to social bookmarking. The number of marketers using social bookmarking site has increased considerably over the years. The popularity of the social bookmarking sites is what is tapped by using search engine optimization methods by people in order to get traffic to their site through the social bookmark site. Social bookmarking for SEO is therefore a lot more popular than it was a few years back and now is the trend that many website owners are opting for so that they can tap into the huge member database these social bookmarking sties have.

Pros of social bookmarking for SEO
  • Social bookmarking is free and therefore you get to advertise your website free in these sites.
  • The user rates social bookmarks and therefore, when social bookmarking is used for SEO, the content that is posted has to be relevant and informative so that other people will add the bookmark to their list. This helps to increase popularity for the post.
  • When you post in a social bookmarking site, you are showing your website to huge prospective customers and if you are able to provide valid information, they may follow the link to your website and use any of the services that you have to offer.
  • If you work smart, you can increase traffic to your website while finding new clients that will help increase your business.
Cons of social bookmarking for SEO
  • Though the numbers of people who use social bookmarking sites are large, still a huge chunk of the people online does not opt for these sites and therefore you may not be able to reach out to many people who do not frequent social bookmarking sites.
  • Social bookmarking for SEO is ideal only for certain types of business and therefore you need to identify if your business type is one that many will follow in the site or not.
  • A lot of time is generally required to create content and post them in a social bookmark site and therefore if they do not give the desired results, it can be de-motivating and a waste of time.
Should one use social bookmarking for SEO?

Using social bookmarking for SEO is definitely not a bad idea, but the fact is that one has to put in a lot of effort into it and has to plan it properly so that the post in the social bookmark site generates the interest and thereby brings traffic to your site. It is an option that you can try as it is not going to cost you and if it shows signs of progress then you can look at branching out to other social bookmark site options that are available to you. If done properly, using social bookmarking sites as part of your online marketing campaign will be beneficial. However, one has to ensure that they make the right moves and use the right strategies or else, they may end up ruining the existing rankings.

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