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How to Create Engaging, Shareable Content for SEO Purposes

You can spend your whole working week on search engine optimization projects or outsource SEO. But if you don’t have the content in place to convert the traffic you attract, it’s all a waste of your time. Like a store with empty shelves of a shopping mall without shops, they’ll turn up, wonder what’s going on and walk out straight away.

Worse still, they’ll never come back.

This is why when it comes to successful SEO, you always need to view the actual ranking process as no more than half of the equation – the other being that of creating content that converts. And ideally, you should also be gunning for the kind of content that gets shared and promoted by your readers in order to spread the name of what you’re doing. It’s not easy, but once it catches on, it can be hugely rewarding.

How to create shareable content? It’s no easy job, but follow a few key tips and you’ll be on the right lines:

Tell Them Something They Don’t Know

Tip-one is to make sure you’re telling them something they don’t already know. There’s literally about a 0% chance of them bothering to share anything you tell them that they already know, as chances are if they were bothered about sharing it at all they would have done so before now. This means genuine research, being the first to break news when it occurs and being as creative as possible with your slant on the material you find.

Appeal to Emotions

An expert in online marketing knows how evoking emotions can do so much to a content. Sometimes, creating a content that appeals to emotion is so powerful that you end up with a lot of websites talking about you. Just imagine the avalanche of natural links created by just one powerful and emotionally-charged content. 

Next time you create content for your marketing, make sure it triggers an emotional reaction – any emotional reaction. Whether you intend to make your audience laugh, cry or feel sick to their stomachs, anything that they connect with on an emotional level is the kind of thing you are looking for. If it makes them feel something – anything – they will be infinitely more compelled to share it with others.

Shock Value

A little like the above, if you can shock them with what you have to say then chances are they will share it right then and there in order to share the experience with others. It’s almost impossible to be shocked by something and not tell others – see for yourself next time it happens to you.

Shock value doesn’t always work well to the majority so exercise your due diligence and make sure you don’t shock your audience to the point of stripping their interest in sharing your content.

Bite-Sized Chunks

Next up, readers are much more likely to share or repost something that they and their contacts are able to read in just a few lines of text. You won’t find 1,000 word documents going viral, but even just the shortest Tweet or Facebook post can travel round the world in hours if it really hits home.

Make it Shareable

And finally, if you forget to make the necessary efforts to actually make your content sharable in the first place, most won’t bother to do so. You need to make sure you have in place the necessary “Share” buttons and options that allow easy sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on as this is key to ensuring those immediate and impulsive “Likes” and Re-Tweets come your way in the highest numbers possible.

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John Baron

John Baron is a professional writer with over 5 years of experience  writing for different marketing companies across the globe. Recently, he started working as a full-time content writer of iSolutions Media; a search marketing company based in the Philippines.

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