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5 Changes to SEO in 2014

The start of a New Year is always a good time to think about new goals for the next year and what sort of changes you want to make in your business. It is just the perfect opportunity to refocus and get your business back on the right track.

There are some changes that the year 2014 is also going to bring to SEO and your business needs to adjust to them.

Here are five changes you will notice in SEO in 2014 and some tips on how your business can tackle them.

1. Mobile Becomes More Relevant

One of the key changes to SEO was launched earlier this year with the launch of Google’s Hummingbird, which is the algorithm they use for finding results when people search on Google.

The focus on searches conducted on mobile phones is key thing that you need to think about with your SEO strategy. 2014 will see more and more people moving away from using their computers to search for information to conducting it all with their mobile phones.

So make sure that you optimise your website and other content for mobile phones. This naturally doesn’t just mean implementing UI changes but also focusing on the keywords that people use when searching with their mobile is essential.

2. Social Media Is The Key

Your business will also need to focus more on using social media. Business branding is becoming much more organic and is much more about sharing experiences rather than just the business painting the image with marketing.

This means that your customers are key part of helping your business grow and evolve.

You need to start thinking more about social media SEO and how to get your customers and potential customers involved. Sharing ideas and opinions is a good way of gaining more visibility on the internet.

3. Content Marketing For The Win

In 2014 there needs to be a lot more focus on content marketing in terms of SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm changes have meant that businesses that produce low quality content and use low quality links will be really heavily penalised.

4. Localisation Increasingly Essential For SEO

One of the changes that mobile phone searches will bring to SEO is the importance of localisation. Although this has been a key part of good SEO for a little while now it will be increasingly important in the New Year.

Bright Local suggests that your business gets ready for 2014 by optimising all content for local searches. There needs to be more focus on local listings and localised keywords.

5. Google+ Is Really Important

If there is one special platform that you need to use in 2014 for SEO purposes than that is Google+. Although there aren’t that many active users yet on this platform it is still essential for businesses. This is naturally because Google has such a prominent role in search engines and they focus a lot on ranking websites and writers in terms of Google+.

This means that you need to sign your business with Google+ and learn how to use it for SEO purposes. This can really help you gain a better ranking in search engines in 2014.

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