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Link Sphinx is a completely free backlink checker. Link Sphinx helps you find webpages that link to your sites or your competitors’ sites, analyze the quality of the backlinks, and index the donor pages to improve your rank in SERP.

Link Sphinx - backlink analyzer & site explorer

Site explorer

Link Sphinx is the only free program to check backlinks capable of extracting backlink information from various online sources in addition to checking existence and quality of backlinks.
This means you can use the program both for classic backlink checking and for investigating your competitors’ link-building strategy.

Index checker

Another unique feature of the program is the ability to check if donor pages are in Google index. Importantly, this function doesn’t require using multiple proxies to work properly.

Link Sphinx can solve CAPTCHAs automatically

Normally, you would use a proxy list while massively checking the index, because Google protects himself from large amount of queries following from the same IP address within short time.

Link Sphinx correctly processes Google protection solving a shown CAPTCHA instead of using a proxy list as a workaround. A CAPTCHA can be solved by hand or automatically using one of the specialized online-services supported by the program.

Be indexed!

Link Sphinx integrates with several backlink indexing services allowing speeding up donor page indexing and therefore to significantly improve search engine positions of your websites.


Link Sphinx works under Windows (x32 & x64) XP/Vista/7/8. The program requires established Internet connection. Additionally, if a firewall is installed on your computer, Link Sphinx must be permitted to create inbound and outbound connections in that firewall. ***